World Order – Henry Kissinger

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  1. I would love to be there when the likes of Kissinger, Soros, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Co are dying and seeing in their eyes the reality that they are destined to eternal torment.

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    1. For your information here are the new two books on Hennry Kissinger
      The Inevitability of Tragedy: Henry Kissinger and His World by Barry Gewen.
      Norton, 452 pp., £22.99, April, 978 1 324 00405 9
      Henry Kissinger and American Power: A Political Biography by Thomas Schwartz.
      Hill and Wang, 548 pp., £27.99, September, 978 0 8090 9537 7

      For latest commententary:
      Don’t be a Kerensky!
      David Runciman

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